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Christopher Pyne, on speed, answers LATELINE'S Leigh Sales on Julia Gillard's schools budget blowout

These two short audio files are copyright of

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation © 2009 ABC

Christopher Pyne, stirred, answers LATELINE'S Leigh Sales on Julia Gillard's 'Mincing Poodle' jibe

Friday, September 25, 2009

LATELINE: Proof, if it was needed, of why the ABC is still worth every penny: David Finkel’s dignified and gracious interview with Leigh Sales


I am very glad I got to see this blue diamond of an interview.

Ms Leigh Sales was joined by Mr David Finkel, Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post journalist, to discuss the human condition silhouetted in conflict ravaged Baghdad in 2007 among soldiers of the U.S.A.’s 2-16 battalion.

I, like undoubtedly a huge proportion of the viewers privileged to watch this interview, was moved by the pain, trauma, courage, and persistence of the soldiers, called to do their country’s military bidding. Mr Finkel spent many months with them, and wrote his testament, ‘The Good Soldiers’, to what these young people went through after his profound experience.

This interview was saturated with dignity, controlled emotion, and graciousness, as well as an inspiring humility; it was an enlightening experience on many levels.


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