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Christopher Pyne, on speed, answers LATELINE'S Leigh Sales on Julia Gillard's schools budget blowout

These two short audio files are copyright of

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation © 2009 ABC

Christopher Pyne, stirred, answers LATELINE'S Leigh Sales on Julia Gillard's 'Mincing Poodle' jibe

Thursday, September 3, 2009

LATELINE: Agent 007, aka Rafael Epstein, infiltrates Ultimo, pistol whips Kim Dalton, and takes over Lateline.


With Kerry O’Brien away, the mice have decided to play, evidenced by Ali Moore and Leigh Sales doing stints on Mistah O’Brien’s (Kezza to his inner circle only) baby, The 7.30 Report, while Rafael Epstein sat in for Ms Sales’ usual Lateline slot. I saved this trio of images on the evening of Thursday 3rd September 2009, for Kezza the Great’s (or his lawyer’s?) perusal, in case he doesn’t believe what’s being going on his absence, assuming he hasn’t met with anything resembling berkerkinistrous play.

The Rafster, bespoken for, cut the nattiest of figures as he fronted the esteemed ABC current affairs program for those who don’t have to get up early. You could almost smell the expensive after shave as he liquidated story after story, and at program’s end he blew smoke out of the barrel of an imaginary pistol, actually one of Mistah O’Brien’s old green pens. He ordered the cameraman to avoid showing the Vesper (Russian grain vodka) on his right, nor his Beretta 418 beside it.

I have it on good authority that Mr Epstein has beaten a galactic field of contenders, including Daniel Craig, to be the next Agent 007 in the 2012 Bond film, ‘The Neutron That Balded Me’. And he is a dead certainty to play Vladimir Putin in the upcoming biographical KGB adventure ‘Bending Spanners, Reddening Banners, & Bugging Bananas’.


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