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Christopher Pyne, on speed, answers LATELINE'S Leigh Sales on Julia Gillard's schools budget blowout

These two short audio files are copyright of

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation © 2009 ABC

Christopher Pyne, stirred, answers LATELINE'S Leigh Sales on Julia Gillard's 'Mincing Poodle' jibe

Thursday, September 17, 2009

LATELINE: Fire and earth, wind and rain, Chris Mooney meets our Leigh Sales to talk science literacy, or rather the lack thereof


This was another satisfying interview given to us by Aunty and one of her LATELINE anchors, Leigh Sales, discussing the decline of scientific understanding among the ‘yoosay’ public with Chris Mooney, co-author of ‘Unscientific America’, Thursday evening, September 17th 2009.

Thanks to Ms Sales’ preparation and enabling questioning, overlayed upon her keen intellect, Mr Mooney was able to delineate very well upon the problem of scientific illiteracy in the U.S.A. I’m sure this would be reflected here in Australia.

Mr Mooney made a salient point: more attention by the general population to becoming scientifically literate would impart very valuable critical thinking skills, skills which would be highly serviceable elsewhere. I second that: try wading through the political bullshit we are fed constantly for one; assessing the advertising fantasies we are bombarded with for another.

And what about that wild hair style Ms Sales brought to the desk tonight? Hot! Tsssttt!



Anonymous said...

Astounding what you get up to. Yet another brilliant page to lighten our lives. Education in Science we need - yes indeed. Common sense too seems to be in short supply - perhaps more so. Government continually tells us the obvious. New research proves what we already know.

Ah with little time for surfing how can I possibly keep up with this koala? Must ditch some of what I do. My brains need polishing occasionally, and relaxing on the beaches of Phools Paradise just might improve my health too!
Have to sign this - gladys. The 'profile' will not work for any of my blogs!

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: I don't know how you do it, but yet again you are the first to post a comment on one of my new sites (although Jothiek did sort of gain some fame when he pipped you on page two of the Visitors' Book, but that technically doesn't count).

I don't know what the BBC means to you Pommies, but I wouldn't be surprised if it has a place in your hearts similar to our ABC, or 'Aunty', as we call her, at least those of us square enough to tune in to this almost last remaining Australian bastion of some remnants of quality in broadcasting.

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